Does CBD make your heart race?

Does CBD Make Your Heart Race? Unveiling the Relationship Between CBD and Heart Health

Does CBD make your heart race? If you’ve ever smoked cannabis before and experienced a harsh cough or chest palpitations you may be concerned that CBD will bring back this unpleasant effect.

Let’s unravel this mystery. While certain cannabinoids can influence heart rate and blood pressure, CBD – a milder compound – doesn’t elicit the pounding chest sensation attributed to THC or other substances. If you’re feeling a racing heart after taking CBD, there may be something else happening. In this blog we explore what causes heart racing associated with CBD and how you can take care of your heart while dabbling with CBD. 

Is CBD safe for the heart?

Contrary to THC, which spikes heart rate, extensive scientific inquiry debunks the notion that CBD triggers a racing heart. 

Further research dismisses the possibility of CBD converting to THC within the stomach. Studies indicate that CBD retains its identity, soothing concerns about increased heart rate. In fact, CBD’s vasorelaxant properties mitigate THC-induced heart rate elevations.

It is possible that CBD may actually play a positive role in cardiovascular function, which we will explore in a second. First, let’s get some clarity around why other substances may be harmful and cause elevations in heart rate when consumed. 

Distinguishing CBD’s impact on the nervous system

When it comes to substances that impact the heart, CBD’s metabolic journey through the endocannabinoid system (ECS) sets it apart. Its influence on ECS accounts for its mood stabilization and anti-inflammatory effects. These effects play a key role in CBD’s ability to support the cardiovascular system. 

When we look at drugs that negatively impact the heart, we primarily look at substances that cause blockages from plaque and clotting, or those which dangerously increase the cardiac workload. Substances like tobacco are harmful as cigarettes contain ingredients that thicken the blood, while drugs like amphetamines may cause acute and chronic effects on the heart. Amphetamines and stimulants happen to act on the nervous system, increasing the hormone adrenaline and inducing an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. 

Unlike substances that clog vessels or escalate cardiac workload, CBD navigates the nervous system differently, alleviating concerns of adverse cardiovascular impact.

THC vs. CBD: The Critical Contrast

THC, notably when smoked, intensifies heart rate, dilates blood vessels, and elevates blood pressure, imposing stress on the heart. Smoking cannabis amplifies these effects, increasing the heart’s workload while reducing oxygen supply in the body. 

Heart health benefits with CBD

CBD’s interaction with ECS, particularly its blockade of CB1 receptors, induces vasorelaxation, easing blood vessel tension. Vasculitis, a significant contributor to heart issues, triggers problems like high blood pressure and organ damage. Research demonstrates CBD’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, highlighting its potential in combating vasculitis, hypertension, and related ailments. 

Precautions for heart health with CBD

As per current knowledge, CBD doesn’t exhibit adverse effects on the heart or cardiovascular system. However, caution is advised for heart patients using medication, particularly blood thinners. CBD’s potential interference with liver metabolization of medications might lead to increased levels in the body, posing a risk of liver toxicity. 

If you feel that you are experiencing a racing heart while taking CBD or any other cannabinoid infused products, there are some simple ways you can find relief. Avoid excessively high doses of CBD as this could cause a stimulating effect akin to anxiety from a cup of strong coffee. You may also pair your CBD with CBG rich products – as this sister cannabinoid has shown promise to relieve the symptoms of anxiety and paranoia associated with THC use. 

With a deeper understanding of how CBD affects the body, you can rest easy knowing CBD is very safe and possibly even helpful for your heart. 

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