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Cannabis Brands Making Social Impact: Hometown Hero CBD Leads The Way Supporting Veterans Across The United States

Shopping for the best quality products isn’t just about the materials and technology used, as we see more brands stepping up and acknowledging their responsibility to support social and ecological change. In an industry like cannabis and hemp, it is extraordinarily important to examine privilege, access, and impact after decades of discrimination and the war on drugs. 

Cannabis and hemp provide an opportunity for redefining how we support vulnerable communities such as veterans, children, or terminally ill patients. This is where brands like Hometown Hero step in to create positive social impact, honoring the legacy of a plant that has healed so many folks in the very communities they are supporting. 

How Hometown Hero CBD All Began

This Texas based company was founded in 2015 when U.S. Coast Guard veteran, Lukas Gilkey wanted to give back to his community. “We chose to give back to veterans from day one. It just seemed like the right thing to do, and veterans as a whole are not served appropriately for the sacrifices they have made,” explains Gilkey, the company’s CEO and co-founder. 

Since starting their business Lukas Gilkey and Lewis Hamer have begun fighting for safe access to cannabis and hemp across the United States. They have played a key role in the fight to develop products infused with novel cannabinoids like Delta-8, a compound that offers a lot of promise for anxiety and stress relief (two common symptoms veterans with PTSD may face). 

The Two Ways They Are Protecting Vulnerable Veterans

Staying true to their commitment to support the veteran community, Hometown Hero has a large menu of products, formulated with all types of cannabis consumers in mind. Each high quality cannabis treat purchased through Hometown Hero CBD means you are sending a donation directly to a non-profit directly supporting veterans in Texas and throughout the USA. 

A portion of proceeds on all products go towards organizations supporting veterans

Since 2015, Hometown Hero has been offering a part of their proceeds to a number of credible veteran funds. Some of the organizations they have already worked with include: Texas VFW, Operation Finally Home, Disabled American Veterans (DAV), and Soldiers’ Angels. As of 2021 Hometown Hero has donated roughly $100,000.00 to nonprofits supporting veterans. 

Novel blends of cannabinoids aid in the treatment of PTSD for veterans

Hometown Hero produces a wide selection of products perfect for new and experienced cannabis consumers, including a line of products infused with novel cannabinoids known to have specialized effects for treating mood stability, stress, inflammation, and chronic pain. 

Some of their more intriguing products include Delta-9, Delta-8, and HHC infused products. These semi-synthetic cannabinoids offer unique effects as the body metabolizes them differently than THC or CBD. This can feel like longer duration of effects, less paranoia, or even more full bodied relief. All of these blends could be beneficial in the treatment of PTSD and insomnia due to PTSD related symptoms

A Commitment To Quality CBD And Cannabis

Beyond their humanitarian and advocacy efforts, Hometown Hero also prides themselves in their high-quality manufacturing standards. All of their products are made in small batch production, and go through a rigorous quality control process before hitting the shelves. Each product batch goes through six levels of analytical testing to guarantee every product is clean and accurately dosed. 

To learn more about Hometown Hero, check out their online store where you can access quality, ethically-conscious cannabis and CBD.

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