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Cannabis In The Bedroom: How Intimacy Is Sparked With Cannabis Infused Lubricants Like Euphoria CBD

In a world of stressors and screen time, remembering to make time for intimacy can be challenging. Especially for those coping with depression, anxiety, or triggers around sex and intimacy, getting in the mood and feeling good in your body is a necessity when exploring in the bedroom. 

CBD has been flooding the beauty and natural products market over the last several years, and has now made its way into the sex and pleasure world. It’s no surprise that CBD offers a myriad of benefits for the body when used in personal lubricants, as it can soothe inflammation and regulate hormonal response in the body – keeping your parts doing what they do best! 

But, how exactly does CBD do it? The answer is within your nervous system. 

Can Cannabis Increase Your Pleasure?

Within the endocannabinoid system (the part of the nervous system that metabolizes CBD) the body is interconnected from head to toe with nerves that signal the body to regulate stress and hormones within the body. This can directly impact the production of sex hormones, providing a gentle stimulus and a reduction in inflammation. 

When it comes to sex, CBD can:

  • Reduce Cortisol levels in the body, minimizing the impact of stress and creating an opportunity to prioritize pleasure. 
  • CBD reduces chronic pain in the joints and muscles, making it a great option if inflammation limits your mobility or comfort. 
  • CBD may impact your sex drive, as it has a positive effect on the body’s regulation and balance of hormones. 

When looking at clinical trials run to measure the effect of CBD on hormones in women, it was found that CBD increased Estrogen, Estradiol, Progesterone, and Testosterone levels. This was paired with a significant decrease in Cortisol production. The combination of these physical shifts helped increase libido in participants.

How To Add Cannabis To Your Spicy Time

Whether you’re exploring alone or in good company, there are some unique perks to using CBD infused products. It can also be fun to explore mixing and matching CBD and cannabis strains to enhance certain effects you love. 

Products rich in terpenes ,a common aromatic compound found in plants, can alter the effects of cannabinoids like CBD and THC. 

If you like the more uplifting and energizing effects, look for products that are high in limonene (also found in lemons). If you prefer a more calming and full body sensation, try products infused with linalool or myrcene as they will bring out a more grounding effect. 

How Does CBD Lube Feel?

Though our bodies might react to CBD slightly differently depending on dosing, there are some common benefits you may experience with CBD lubricants or suppositories. 

For people with vaginas, CBD can help increase lubrication, offer pain relief, and heighten arousal. Folks with penises can benefit from an increase of blood flow and stamina. 

Euphoria CBD And The Must Try Cannabis Sex Lubricants

There’s nothing quite like something that is good for you and feels amazing. Here are the best CBD infused products for adult use. 

Euphoria CBD

Euphoria CBD Intimacy Serum from NaturaMed is infused with 100mg of full spectrum CBD oil. It is an oil and plant-based blend that is gentle and fresh on the skin. It offers a slight tingling sensation with the CBD, rosemary, and peppermint oil – drawing blood to the surface to awaken the senses. 

Kush Queen Lubricant

This women owned legacy cannabis and CBD Beauty brand produces incredible body products that are both inclusive and formulated for and by people passionate about cannabis. They carry a line of THC infused lubricants, as well as their  Kush Queen Water-Based CBD Lube. This product is vegan,  water based and latex safe with 30mg of CBD – ideal for all types of play. 

Whether you are timid or extra adventurous in the bedroom – CBD products provide amazing benefits for all our medicinal and playful desires. 

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