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Product Review of Access CBD  Broad Spectrum Oil

Access CBD Broad Spectrum Oil offers a unique alternative to your conventional gummies or tinctures. This oral spray is a great option for ease of dosing, and requires less effort than a dropper style CBD oil. 

I have always been a fan of herbal flavours like peppermint or the natural taste of aromatic hemp flowers, so I was suspicious of fruit-flavoured tinctures initially. 

When it comes to their citrus flavoured spray, I think there is a remarkable synergy between the citrus terpenes and active compounds in the hemp oil that bring out a brighter and more energized calm. This was an awesome supplement for morning and daytime use, that provided long lasting and extra strength support for managing inflammation and stress. 

Product overview

The Access CBD Broad Spectrum oil tincture comes with 4800 mg of lab tested CBD oil, with 30 ml per bottle. This is their extra-strength formula, with each spray administering roughly 68.6 mg of CBD. 

It comes in three different flavouring options: citrus, berry, and natural flavour. It is blended into coconut derived MCT oil, and mixed with all-natural botanical terpenes to offer an amazing tasting product, with additional benefits. The terpenes work synergistically with the CBD oil to enhance the uplifting and calming effects of the cannabinoids. 

My experience

Dosing was relatively easy. It was kind of fun with the sprayer style lid, instead of the standard dropper and vial most tinctures are prepared in. After spraying the oil under my tongue, my initial reaction was “Yum!” The citrus flavour is subtle but complex. It tasted clean, smooth, sweet, and fruity – similar to an orange candy chew or a very sweet fresh orange. 

The extra-strength dose was perfect for relieving both physical and mental stress. I felt very balanced and able to flow through the rest of my day without as much tightness in my joints, and with a clearer mind. 

Pros and Cons

The best parts about this product

  • The citrus flavor was incredible! I highlight recommend to all CBD lovers
  • The spray dosing is quick and easy to use. This a great tincture for anyone with a busy or active life that may want to take their CBD on the go. 

Things to be aware of before taking

  • This is a high dose product, with 4800 mg of CBD per bottle. Always use safe dosing practices when sampling potent products like the Access CBD Broad Spectrum Oil 
  • The citrus terpenes and flavour may give off a slightly energizing “sativa/hybrid” effect. This is a great option for morning and daytime use. 
  • This product is made with MCT oil which may not be suitable for anyone with a tree nut allergy. 

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