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Product Review of Goodrays CBD Gummies

When a CBD product is made with care, you can truly tell. Whether it’s a special secret recipe, or the source of CBD oil, a high-quality CBD edible earns its place on the shelf for excellent ingredients. Goodrays CBD Gummies are an excellent example of a product made with the consumer’s health in mind. 

Product overview

Goodrays CBD gummies come with 750 mg of colorado sourced CBD isolate in each jar, split between 30 pieces (averaging around 25 mg CBD per gummy). Both vegan and gluten free, Goodrays prioritizes purity and all-natural ingredients to accommodate a plant-based lifestyle. 

The jar I tried was raspberry flavoured, however they also come in a few other incredible flavours.

Goodrays CBD Gummies Flavours:

  • Raspberry
  • Lemon & Lime
  • Mango
  • Strawberry 

It is recommended to dose two gummies per day, never exceeding 70 mg of CBD. These edibles are a wonderful option for beginners looking to explore medium-high doses of CBD edibles. Beyond the gummies, their packaging is absolutely beautiful too. 

Goodrays CBD Gummies
Goodrays CBD Gummies

My experience

I opted to start with one 25 mg gummy to see how that felt before taking two pieces. I was initially wowed by the beautiful color, scent, and overall appearance of these gummies. Opening the Goodrays jar felt like uncovering a hidden treasure of little gem stones. 

I loved the size of the gummies and the fact that they were 25 mg each, as this is a slightly higher dose than many other gummy products on the market. This extra little boost of CBD was exactly what I was looking for, before a long day of meetings. 

These are very thick and chewy gummies, with a little sugar crunch from their sweet coating. Overall, the berry flavour was great, but a little sweeter than I would normally like for a CBD edible. It’s also important to note that it had a strong bitter canna-flavour. This made them taste a little more medicinal, and may not be suited for anyone sensitive to that taste. 

It took roughly 30 minutes to take effect and it was very pleasant. I felt energized, balanced, and calm. This helped me stay focused and creative for hours. 

Pros and Cons

The best parts about this product

  • The dose size for 25-50 mg is a great option for a medium-high dose of CBD. I loved how effective this product was. 
  • The four flavour options make this a really fun and fruity way to enjoy CBD. 
  • I loved that they used Colorado grown hemp to make this edible, as Colorado hemp is known for its quality standard in both CBD isolate and agricultural practices. 

Things to be aware of before taking

  • The bitter taste can be overwhelming for anyone who doesn’t like the planty taste of CBD oil or cannabis products. 
  • This is a slightly higher dose product. If you’re new to CBD, I would recommend trying a smaller portion like 5-10 mg to start.

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