Large Vegan Gummies by Why So CBD?
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Product Review of Large Vegan Gummies by Why So CBD?

If you’re on the hunt for a flavorful and effective CBD treat, look no further than the Large Vegan Gummies by Why So CBD?. These 6000mg CBD Broad-Spectrum Cherry Gummies are a delight for your taste bud, while providing top-tier benefits for physical and mental stress relief. 

Derived from 100% USA Organic hemp, these gummies uphold the highest standards of quality and purity. Each gummy packs a powerful 54 mg of CBD, ensuring you get a potent dose in every bite.

Product overview

These edibles are not only a cute product, they are an incredibly well-made one too. Each jar contains 6000mg of CBD, averaging around 54 mg per piece. These gummies are vegan, lab tested, and contain no GMO’s or artificial ingredients. 

If red candy cherry is not your vibe, they also come in a variety of flavours, beyond cherry! You can find Why So CBD? Gummies in strawberry, bubble gum, cola  and watermelon options. 

It is important to note that these may contain trace amounts of THC (<0.2%), but fall within the UK regulatory limits. These candies also contain gluten ingredients, and are not safe for all dietary restrictions. 

Large Vegan Gummies by Why So CBD?
Large Vegan Gummies by Why So CBD?

My experience

I was excited to try the Large Vegan Gummies from Why So CBD?, and they did not disappoint. The chewy texture combined with the sweet and slightly sour coating made for an enjoyable treat. 

My partner particularly enjoys taking two gummies before work, finding that they provide a noticeable boost in energy and pain relief. It’s worth noting, these gummies are potent—so much so that my partner didn’t realize the extent of pain relief and ended up over-exerting herself one day.

The 6000mg broad-spectrum CBD per bottle ensures that each gummy is packed with a substantial 54mg of CBD. However, it’s important to adhere to the recommended dosage of not exceeding 70mg of CBD edibles per day to avoid any potential adverse effects.

The Large Vegan Gummies by Why So CBD? are a fantastic option for anyone looking to incorporate CBD into their daily routine, while enjoying a tasty treat. The high potency, combined with the quality and ethical considerations, make this product stand out in the crowded CBD market.

Pros and Cons

The best parts about this product

  • High Potency: With 54 mg of CBD per gummy, these are among the more potent than most CBD edibles available.
  • Great Taste: The sweet, slightly sour cherry flavour is delicious and makes taking CBD an enjoyable experience. I often think raw CBD tastes like pine and cherry, which blends great into this product. 
  • Vegan and Cruelty-Free: The product aligns with ethical consumption, making it suitable for some dietary preferences.
  • Safety and Quality: FSA Certification and third-party lab testing ensure high safety and quality standards.

Things to be aware of before taking

  • Not Gluten-Free: This might be a dealbreaker for individuals with gluten sensitivities or celiac disease.
  • Potency: The high concentration of CBD per gummy requires careful dosing to avoid exceeding the recommended daily intake.
  • Chewy Texture: While I found the texture enjoyable, others might prefer a softer gummy.

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