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Product Review of LVWell CBD Broad Spectrum Strawberry Gummies

When it comes to award-winning CBD products, LVWell CBD holds the crown. They are known for their incredible broad spectrum infused edibles. The CBD extract used in all their products has won Best Extract three years in a row at the Hemp & CBD Expo. Here I will be diving deeper into my experience trying the LVWell CBD Broad Spectrum Strawberry Gummies.

It is truly no surprise, as all of their tinctures and edibles are some of the most effective and easy to dose products available in the UK.

Product overview

The broad spectrum strawberry gummies are infused with 1200mg of CBD per jar. Each jar holds 120 gummies that contain 20 mg of CBD per piece. Additionally, this product comes in smaller quantities of 60 gummies for a reduced price – which may be a great idea if you are just trying these for the first time. 

LVWell CBD believes in fast and effective CBD formulations, suggesting that their products are made specifically to absorb more quickly and efficiently than most other edibles on the market. This is likely due to manufacturing techniques utilizing homogenization or nano-technology. 

This specific edible comes in a strawberries and cream flavour, however LVWell has a number of other delicious gummy and tincture options. Additionally, Express CBD offers LVWell’s Fizzy mix and cola gummy products. 

My experience

When sampling this edible for the first time I decided to try just 20mg, or a single gummy to get a feel for the effects. It was a very chewy and pleasant texture, with a potent berry-candy aroma and taste. This is a very sugary edible, perfect for anyone who is really into sweets. The after taste was a little too bitter for my pallet – I typically prefer gummy edibles with sour/tart qualities. You can definitely taste the cream quality against the strawberry, which was a fun twist on edibles that normally come in a single flavour. 

The effects were mild, but very enjoyable. It felt like a full-body relaxation but without any foggy mind or drowsiness. This was a great option for daytime use. I imagine that a higher dose of 40-60 mg would give an added boost of energy.

Pros and Cons

The best parts about this product

  • LVWell CBD Broad Spectrum Strawberry Gummies are very versatile when it comes to dosing. Since they come in 20 mg portions, you can really have fun playing with your dose size for different CBD experiences. 
  • They are gluten-free and batch tested to ensure only safe and high quality product standards.

Things to be aware of before taking

  • The bitter taste was a little overwhelming for me. This edible may not be suitable for anyone that is turned-off by bitter or canna-flavoured products. 
  • Halal beef derived gelatin is used to make this product, and therefore it is not vegetarian or vegan friendly. 

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