Realest CBD 1050 mg Hemp Oil
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Product Review of Realest CBD 1050 mg Hemp Oil

 I tried the Realest CBD 1050 mg Hemp Oil tincture and was really impressed.

Whether a CBD tincture is natural or made with added flavouring, they often can taste kind of bitter or intensely medicinal. This can make it particularly hard to remember to incorporate into your daily wellness routine. Thankfully Realest CBD made this incredible tincture, that stands out in potency, and formulation against all other tincture in its class.

I found this product initially got excited about a buy-one-get-one deal for this tincture, as that would be double the CBD (2010 mg of CBD) for the price of one!

I am surprised this deal was available on this product, because wow, the quality really surprised me. The ingredients are simple and fresh, making this a very palatable product that could even be mixed into some of your favorite recipes at home. This level of versatility really spoke to me! 

Product overview

The Realest CBD 1050 mg Hemp Oil comes in a 30 ml bottle and is made with lab tested hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD and organic hemp oil. It is both organic and vegan. Additionally, it comes in a smaller 10 ml bottle for those looking for less commitment to a new product. 

Each dropper full (1 ml) holds roughly 35 mg of CBD. 

Realest CBD 1050 mg Hemp Oil
Realest CBD 1050 mg Hemp Oil

My experience

To dose properly, I followed their instructions from the bottle. I used ten drops (estimated as 3.5 mg CBD). I placed the drops under my tongue, allowing them to sit and absorb for about 30 seconds. 

It took roughly 30-45 minutes to notice the effects, and they were very mellow at first. It was certainly a brightening and uplifting effect, but I felt somewhat hazy and relaxed. This would be an excellent product to take to the beach, or on a low impact hike as it was soothing and euphoric, but definitely energizing. 

The flavour and mouth-feel of the Realest CBD 1050 mg Hemp Oil was probably the most notable part of this product – it is incredibly rich and smooth. I am already dreaming up recipes and homemade salad dressings to incorporate this into my daily meals. I feel a higher dose might be more energizing but still very mild and pleasant. 

Pros and Cons

The best parts about this product

  • The silky amazing texture and flavour of this oil! It almost tastes like extra virgin olive oil. The incredibly refined flavour of the hemp oil was so enjoyable. It left no film or after taste in my mouth. 
  • The dose is relatively strong, making it fun to experiment and learn different doses for my own health needs. I can dose 3.5 mg or 35mg with the dropper tool, making this a very versatile product. 
  • No added flavour makes this a great option for anyone new to CBD that isn’t interested in flavouring or terpenes. 

Things to be aware of before taking

  • Since the dose is a little higher, I recommend anyone new to CBD start at about 5-10 drops and increase their dose slowly as needed. A high dose may bring on unpleasant side effects like dizziness or dry mouth 
  • The packaging was kind of misleading to me. It really didn’t look like a high-end brand, but I was truly surprised by the impeccable quality of this oil!

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