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America’s Largest Brick-And-Mortar CBD Chain: Sunmed CBD Puts Quality And Wellness First

With so much momentum behind the CBD industry, finding consistency and quality products can prove challenging on a global market. Legacy hemp and cannabis brands have fought for safe access, only to get pushed back by large, corporate distributors that care less about quality buds and more about profit margins. 

Thankfully, there are some small businesses, like Sunmed CBD, that have made strides to honor the legacy of the plant, while utilizing outside industry business experience to make it possible for consumers to access excellent CBD nationwide. 

The brand was founded in 2018 when Rachael Quinn began her personal journey with CBD. After struggling with health issues, Quinn turned to CBD and experienced life changing results. This inspired her to share CBD with her community and eventually within a franchise of over 200+ locations across the United States. 

Sunmed CBD Has A Commitment To Science

The brand stands out for a few intriguing reasons:

They offer novel cannabinoids

In addition to CBD and broadspectrum products, Sunmed offers a line of novel cannabinoids that may peak your interest. They offer a line of delta-8 THC products, derived from CBD that are sure to have effects akin to THC. 

delta-8 can have a relaxing, pain relieving, and euphoric effect – without the strong paranoia that can be associated with THC use. This safe alternative to THC can be great for physical or mental stress relief. 

Sunmed is strict on safety

All products sold online or at their retail locations are third party tested and undergo a rigorous quality control process. This ensures that all products are uniform across the country – all formulated with the science of cannabinoids in mind. 

Easy shopping for first time CBD consumers

Their store is notably user friendly, with six shop categories that make selecting your favorite CBD effortless, even if it’s your first time shopping. There are products for energizing as well as recovery and to support restful sleep. Their transparent and honest approach makes it easy to learn and understand the different applications of CBD and how you can find your ideal dose and product category.

Pro Athletes Sponsor The Brand As A Recovery Product

Last year, Sunmed’s founding branch in Palmetto, FL announced a multi-year partnership with the Association of Pickleball Professionals to advocate for medicinal CBD in athletics.

Ken Hermann, founder of the APP Tour was quoted saying, “SUNMED’s all-natural, plant-based products are designed to improve the health and wellness of our professional, competitive, and social pickleball players… We are very much looking forward to our collaboration and new branded product line.”

What Types Of Products Can You Expect To Find?

1. Mind

These products are designed for relaxation, focus, and the recentering of the mind. They offer tinctures as well as water soluble formulas so you can add CBD to your favorite beverages.  Bath soaks and gummies are also available, in a number of flavors, scents, and strengths. 

2. Body

Soothe and restore the body with deep working muscle creams and bath products. These products are ideal for athletes or anyone looking to soothe chronic pain and inflammation. 

3. Sleep

Their sleep line features a novel cannabinoid known as CBN – an oxidized cannabinoid that offers a comforting body-load perfect for relaxing before sleep. 

4. Rise

Sunmed offers a unique line of energizing CBD products made to keep you calm and uplifted without the haze of sedative CBD and herbal products. They feature products with CBG – another derivative of CBD that can aid the body in restoring mental clarity and focus.

5. Pet

If your pet struggles with car rides, thunderstorms, or feels some chronic pain from achy joints – CBD may be a great option for daily care that can keep your pet pain-free and feeling strong. Sunmed has an extensive line of pet friendly CBD products for cats and dogs, available on their online store

6. Trim

Formulated with hemp, THC-V and turmeric root extract, Sunmed offers a line of capsules, gummies, and tinctures that are developed to curb hunger cravings. 

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