A Guide to CBD Worldwide: Countries Where CBD Is Illegal

A Guide to CBD Worldwide: Countries Where CBD Is Illegal

In recent times, people have witnessed the emergence of CBD and its potential in the medical world through users of cannabis, owing to its diminished psychological effects. Although the use of CBD products has spiked, there is still an ambiguous perception of whether they are legal across the globe or not. It’s concluded that the CBD’s legal status is different from country to country.

In this article, you will find out the relationship between THC and CBD and how this results in whether you can buy CBD legally or not. To reduce uncertainty, we have compiled a list of all the countries where CBD is illegal due to its side effects, as well as the countries that have vague CBD legal status. To understand the legal status of A Guide to CBD Worldwide, read on and find out more!


Cannabis Sativa grows as a plant and is organically employed in several fields. Including as a resource for fibre materials. Marijuana is the dried cluster of flowers from the female Cannabis plant that is relatively abundant in THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and other types of cannabinoids. THC works wonders by inducing relaxation and introducing a euphoric sensation in the body and mind by stimulating the brain and releasing happy chemicals. 

While THC can provide a twisted view of one’s surroundings and time, it can also enhance their appetite. CBD, on the other hand, a cannabidiol, is drawn from hemp. When nailing THC vs. CBD, it is evident that CBD products, like CBD oil, suppress the effects of THC and prevent any psychoactive excitement. This has made CBD a potent property that is highly effective in medicinal practices and can even treat epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, and even insomnia.

Despite having the same structure with regard to their chemical properties. CBD and THC are usually used for different things. As THC has more psychoactive stimulants, people use it as a recreational substance, but you can only buy CBD legally in most countries. With THC vs. CBD effects being different. CBD products are mainly used for the relief of the same conditions with less damaging CBD side effects.

Countries where CBD is Illegal

You may have been confused about the difference between THC and CBD. but after reading the above information, you know they are two different substances. However, lawmakers in some states have a misconception of CBD, do not differentiate it from THC, and consider CBD’s side effects harmful. Now that you understand the THC vs. CBD complex, let’s dissect the countries where CBD is illegal and their laws surrounding CBD products.

CBD Legal Status in Asia 

You can buy CBD legally in many Asian regions for medical purposes. There are countries that are still yet to decide where to stand on the topic, but there are only a few countries where CBD is illegal: 

  • Vietnam 
  • Singapore 

CBD Legal Status in Europe 

A large number of European states allow you to buy CBD legally and distribute CBD products. A handful of them have an open spirit but ambiguous opinions regarding CBD side effects. There are only a few countries where CBD is illegal, such as: 

  • Slovakia 
  • Lithuania 

CBD Legal Status in Africa 

Just as some Asian states have, most African countries have also chosen to sit between the borders without picking a side. However, it is known that African regions do not allow easy access to CBD. With limited knowledge of CBD side effects as well. The low presence of CBD products simply leads to no imposition of regulations on the topic. Still, there are countries where CBD is illegal:

  • Kenya 
  • Egypt 
  • Nigeria

CBD Legal Status in South America 

South America is torn when it comes to opinions about CBD. While some countries allow users to buy CBD legally, other parts of the continent do not have the same relaxed laws. Some countries where you cannot buy CBD products and entirely ban CBD are: 

  • Ecuador 
  • Venezuela 
  • Guyana 
  • Bolivia 

Countries With Ambiguous CBD Laws 

As CBD is a newcomer in the world of mainstream medication and conventional herbal remedies. Several countries have yet to decide where they stand on the THC vs. CBD topic. It can mean that people buy CBD legally. However, CBD products are primarily sold illegally. 

If one gets caught with CBD, they might have to face damaging consequences. It all depends on how the country in question decides to respond to its regulations. Whether they punish the person for criminal activity is a choice they would have to make. 

Although there are countries where CBD is illegal. Only a handful of countries have vague rules on CBD and its side effects due to misconceptions about THC vs. CBD. So, it’s primarily advisable that one not buy CBD products. If it’s a mandatory drug for you. One thing you can do is research and find out the legal status of CBD and if you can buy it legally.

Some countries with ambiguous laws surrounding CBD: 

  • North America: Mexico 
  • Central America: Costa Rica 
  • Asia: India & Russia 
  • Europe: Italy, Latvia, Austria, Finland, Belgium, Ireland, Croatia, Spain, Estonia, & Hungary

CBD Side Effects 

There are a ton of reasons why there are countries where CBD is illegal and why you cannot buy CBD legally Currently. It is undergoing studies for treatments of various types of ailments ranging from schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety, diabetes, and sclerosis. While its reach as a valuable tool in the medical scene is limited. There are several CBD side effects that should be considered and hamper the legal status of CBD in a country.

Many people can handle THC vs. CBD with no issues. However, there are risks such as diarrhoea, fatigue, excessive drowsiness, dry mouth, and a reduction in appetite. Apart from these, CBD can also mess with the medications that you take, interacting with blood thinners and others. Additionally, worrying CBD side effects include how the purity of its dosage cannot be trusted as it differs from product to product.

Wrapping Up 

CBD’s legal status in the world is a force to be reckoned with due to its varied nature and controversial appeal. However, laws change easily, and if you give them enough time. Perhaps your destination country for your next trip will change its rules. With these varying regulations on THC vs. CBD products, there are various options online through worldwide markets that can help you obtain CBD regardless of CBD side effects. Before that, you must thoroughly research the laws in your country and figure out the countries where CBD is illegal. There are many organic and efficient ways to buy CBD legally, so don’t give up!

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