Breaking CBD: Your Favorite Breaking Bad Characters as CBD Strains

Premiere UK brand, Breaking CBD is creatively innovating the CBD vape market with their signature flavors. Each strain’s namesake is based on the popular television series, Breaking Bad – giving CBD vapes a fun twist to the classic flavors you know and love. 

How did Breaking CBD start?

Brought to the United Kingdom by Canevolve, Breaking CBD is a classic hemp brand developed by leading UK based CBD manufacturers. Their claim to fame is their CBD liquid vape products, which have been curiously named after the legendary Netflix series, Breaking Bad

However, these vape products are far from bad – each is formulated with a complex and fruity flavor sure to keep you and your friends puffing tough. 

The Entourage Effect

When learning about the benefits of CBD, you may have stumbled across the term “entourage effect” –  but what does that mean? 

Simply put, the entourage effect describes the synergistic effects of all of the unique molecules found in the plant or extract. This can include other novel cannabinoids, terpenes, and other medicinal compounds found in hemp or cannabis. 

Each compound has its own set of effects on the body, similar to how CBD is an incredible anti-inflammatory aid. When paired with other beneficial plant compounds, CBD’s effects can be increased and even altered by the effects of the other constituents of the plant. 

Researchers in Tel Aviv have put this to the test, studying a wide variety of known cannabis strains. They have mapped out each strain based on survey responses from medical patients, creating a chart that shows the similarities and differences between strains, based on what patients recorded. 

It was found that some varieties of cannabis or hemp can provide dramatically different experiences for consumers. Some strains are more energizing and can spark creative thinking. While others are classified as more sedative and provide deep relief for physical aches and pains. This is part of why you may hear such interesting names for cannabis strains, as the cultivators are attempting to say something about the origin of the plant or its common effects. 

This same logic was used in the development of the Breaking CBD brand’s flavors. Each product offers a slightly different effect. 

The Breaking CBD strains

In the same way that Vince Gilligan, the creator of Breaking Bad, paid attention to meticulous details on the screen, Breaking CBD has played with your senses to create a one of a kind flavor journey. Breaking Bad has been revered by critics for their symbolic and thoughtful story telling. The writers use tools like color theory to paint believable and fleshed out characters.

Breaking CBD has five signature flavors, infused with 1000 mg of CBD in a 1:1 VG/PG (Vegetable Glycerine, Propylene Glycol) vape blend. These vape juices are easy to add to your refillable vape cartridge for discrete use on the go. Additionally, they offer a 120ml vape juice that has 3000 mg of CBD. Perfect for bulk buying when you have a favorite flavor. 

So which strain will you choose? Let’s see if your favorite Breaking Bad character matches your favorite flavor and effects for CBD vaping. 

1. Walter White

This infamous name packs a punch just like the flavor of this CBD vape. Rich berry notes come on strong with a cooling taste of aniseed, sure to leave you with a fresh and potent effect. Similar to Walter White’s chilling ways, this blend is refreshing and crisp. 

2. Jesse Pinkman

A more subtle hybrid, Jesse Pinkman offers some warm and sweet fruity notes. This energizing and tropical blend has top notes of citrus and a full bodied fruit finish. This flavor helps keep you relaxed and feeling good. Just like the tender heart of everyone’s favorite protagonist, Jesse Pinkman is a sweet flavor that will keep your head clear and your mood elevated. 

3. Saul Goodman, a Breaking CBD most popular flavor

Modeled after blackjack and cherry cannabis strains, Saul Goodman is a decadent blend. This flavor can satisfy your need for a strong CBD vape with such deep berry notes for relaxation. This flavor has a strong raspberry note, with blackjack candy and sweet floral notes. A truly classy and unique flavor profile that pays homage to the colorful and eccentric ways of Saul Goodman. 

4. Schrader Reloaded

A nod to your favorite hero, Hank Scharder; this strain is a sensory explosion sure to inspire intrigue. This flavor has distinct mixed berry notes, with a lemon and lime citrus twist. All of these fruity flavors are then smoothed out with a touch of cool menthol. This chill effect adds to the mouthwatering quality of Schrader Reloaded. 

5. Acid Bath Flavourings

This reference to one of the more horrific moments in Breaking Bad history, Acid Bath is sure to leave a long lasting impression. This tangy sweet flavor is concocted of lemon and lime. This creates a sour and acidic flavor profile that is especially loved by beginners. The citrus notes when paired with CBD will offer consumers a more energizing and light effect. For a more potent experience, Saul Goodman or Walter White might be your flavors of choice. 

Vape like Heisenburg Himself

Each Breaking CBD flavor is worth a try. Each offers such a unique flavor experience while also offering warming and cooling effects on the breath. For more information about the effects of CBD, and how different strains can impact your experience of CBD check out our article on full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD tinctures.

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