Can you put CBD oil in a drink?

Can You Put CBD Oil in a Drink? A New Generation of Mocktails is Here

As more folks turn away from alcohol in pursuit of a treat that doesn’t have as dramatic and negative long term health implications, CBD takes the spotlight. But, really – can you put CBD oil in a drink?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, has permeated the beverage industry, expanding its reach beyond gummies and chocolates into more sophisticated products. But how does this fusion of ingredients work? 

Why drink CBD?

The allure of CBD extends beyond traditional oil-based formulations. This compound offers multiple potential benefits, drawing interest as a possible alternative to alcohol for some individuals. CBD and alcohol exert distinct effects on the body, but CBD presents unique qualities that cater to those seeking healthier consumption options.

Recent innovations in nano-emulsion technology have led to water-based CBD products, enhancing the solubility of CBD. This breakthrough innovation may significantly increase CBD’s bioavailability, providing consumers with the full spectrum of CBD benefits. Beyond anti-inflammatory and stress relieving effects, CBD-NE (CBD nano-emulsion) may even provide GI health aid that standard CBD cannot. 

Studies have begun exploring the variations on the metabolism of CBD in rats and humans, specifically focusing on the difference between CBD-NE and standard CBD oils. Though more efforts are needed to draw definitive conclusions, there is a great deal of promise that CBD-NE may prove to be more bioavailable than CBD oil, implying additional therapeutic properties

Mixing CBD into drinks at home

Incorporating CBD into your favorite beverages at home is relatively simple. There are two primary methods to achieve this:

Method 1: Mixing with a Carrier Oil

Blend your CBD oil with a suitable carrier oil such as milk, honey, or coconut oil. The oil acts as a vehicle for CBD, especially in beverages that can accommodate oil without separation. CBD, being an oil-soluble compound derived from hemp plant extracts, doesn’t mix directly into water-based ingredients like tea or juice.

Method 2: Using Water-Soluble CBD Supplements or Pre-made Drinks

Alternatively, you can opt for water-soluble CBD supplement powders or purchase pre-made CBD-infused drinks available online. Several brands offer CBD-infused sodas and teas formulated for ease of use, eliminating concerns about ingredient compatibility. These pre-made options streamline the process, allowing you to simply mix and enjoy without worrying about solubility issues.

Integrating CBD into your drinks at home offers versatility and customization. Experiment with different carrier oils or explore the array of pre-made CBD-infused beverages available, tailoring your mocktail experience to your preferences.

The seamless integration of CBD into beverages opens doors to a new era of mocktails, merging wellness with enjoyment. However, it’s essential to understand the varying formulations and their effects, ensuring an enjoyable and beneficial drinking experience.

CBD beverages change the game

CBD drinks offer an alternative avenue for consuming this versatile compound. From enhanced bioavailability, to the convenience of water-soluble options, CBD’s integration into drinks signifies a shift towards wellness-oriented refreshments. 

Whether you choose to mix CBD drinks from scratch or opt for pre-made CBD-infused drinks, the fusion of CBD and beverages heralds a new era of refreshing and health-conscious mocktails.

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