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Buddha Teas Blends Holistic Herbs with CBD

Buddha Teas has embarked on a mission to enhance the natural benefits of herbal teas by infusing them with CBD. This harmonious combination promotes overall well-being and comes in a diverse range of amazing flavors. 

Their commitment to quality products and eco-friendly packaging make them a brand worthy of recognition in the natural health world – as they take the environment and ethical work practices seriously. 

Buddha Teas brings natural healing to your kitchen

When you choose Buddha Teas, you’re opting for more than just a cup of tea. Their products are free from harmful chemicals, additives, and artificial flavorings, ensuring a truly authentic and health conscious experience. 

The synergistic effects of CBD and medicinal herbs

By utilizing the entourage effect present in medical cannabis, Buddha Teas creates a powerful synergy between CBD and medicinal herbs. Many compounds found in the herbs and tea leaves are strikingly similar to those present in hemp, influencing the nervous system and optimizing CBD for an enhanced therapeutic effect. 

Similar to how cannabinoids and terpenes work together, the herbs found in each tea blend offer their own set of soothing or energizing effects sure to make each cup a nourishing experience.

Benefits of drinking CBD

When it comes to edible CBD products, teas have to be one of the healthiest and fastest acting options on the market. Edibles will need to be digested in the stomach and passed through the liver where it is then metabolized and activated in the body. A water soluble CBD will typically work faster than an extract or oil-based tincture, providing relief in typically 20-40 minutes. 

Buddha Teas’ blends offer specific benefits, many of which soothe inflammation in the digestive system. This plays a key role in regulating the nervous systems functions, relieving symptoms of stress and anxiety. Furthermore, the gentle yet effective anti-microbial properties of CBD promote a harmonious balance of the body’s microbiome

The 9 CBD infused teas you must try from Buddha Teas

All nine blends of tea are formulated for specific uses – whether you’re looking to relax, fall asleep, or revitalize your gut health.

1 Turmeric & Ginger

This blend boasts the anti-inflammatory benefits of turmeric combined with the digestive aid of ginger. These digestive herbs are complemented by the soothing properties of CBD – providing long term immune support in the belly. 

2. Tulsi Ashwagandha

Experience stress relief and mental clarity with this blend. As holy basil (Tulsi) and ashwagandha work in synergy with CBD to calm the mind. 

3. Sleepy Buddha Blend

The perfect bedtime companion, this soothing blend helps to relax both the body and mind, promoting restful sleep. 

4. Peppermint Tea

A refreshing delight, this blend combines the invigorating  and cooling qualities of peppermint with the relaxing effects of CBD. Revitalizing your senses and soothing your stomach. 

5. Mushroom Defense

This tea blend will boost your immune system via the adaptogen blend of mushrooms and CBD, offering a natural defense against illness that nourishes your mind. Help protect your brain from the long term effects of stress and burnout with this restorative mushroom tea. 

6. Matcha Green Tea

Experience a zen-like state with this blend that unites the focus-enhancing properties of matcha with the calming nature of CBD. Boost your brain with this powerhouse blend and support a healthy memory and a clear mind. 

7. Chamomile

This timeless classic infused with CBD takes relaxation to a whole new level, making it perfect for winding down after a long day. Calm your body and tap into the most restful sleep with Buddha Teas’ Chamomile CBD blend. 

8. Cacao Fusion

Satisfy your chocolate cravings guilt-free with this delectable blend. They combine the richness of cacao with CBD’s calming effects. Similar to the teas used in ceremonial practices, cacao is a complex and rich flavored tea that offers a full bodied effect perfect for unwinding and taking a moment to find your inner peace. 

9. Hibiscus Blend 

Embrace the floral goodness of hibiscus paired with CBD, providing a sense of tranquility. This refreshing and summery tea blend is perfect for making a CBD iced tea mocktail – to feel calm and cool on the hottest days of the year. 

Steep your way to wellness with CBD teas

Immerse yourself in plant based wellness as you steep and savor Buddha Teas’ CBD-infused blends. From revitalizing the mind and body, to promoting restful sleep, these teas offer a holistic approach to health. Each cup is an opportunity to reconnect with nature and yourself. 

Buddha Teas have taken the art of tea-making to new heights by combining the natural healing properties of CBD with tea and other beneficial botanicals. Their commitment to sustainability and quality products make them a perfect brand for anyone trying to shop for ethical CBD edibles. 

Steep your way to a healthier, balanced life with Buddha Teas.

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