Orange County CBD Full Spectrum 1500mg Tincture
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Orange County CBD Tincture Review

A classic and globally recognized CBD brand, Orange County CBD offers a wide variety of full and broad spectrum cannabidiol products. All OC CBD products are produced in the UK using the finest medical grade CBD ingredients on the market. 

I am a huge purist when it comes to CBD. When it comes to CBD, I’ve never been a huge fan of tinctures that are loaded with 10+ superfood or adaptogenic ingredients or strong flavoring. This can often color the effects of CBD. Thankfully, this product is made with the most mild and simple plant based oils. Orange County CBD tinctures were formulated to deliver CBD in the most gentle and holistic way. 

Product overview

This tincture is infused with full spectrum CBD, offering a moderate strength effect. Each full pipette contains 50 mg of CBD, or 2.5 mg per drop – making this an incredibly easy product to dose with accuracy

The CBD oil and terpenes are suspended in MCT oil derived from coconuts. 

My experience

The flavor is incredibly mild and natural tasting, with a slight texture from the MCT oil. When trying the tincture, I dosed the tincture by holding it under my tongue for about 30 seconds before swallowing. This was to ensure that the CBD would hit my bloodstream quickly, absorbing through the bottom of my mouth. 

The tincture’s color was incredibly beautiful, resembling a light golden clear nectar. The effects took slightly longer to feel; about 45-60 minutes after dosing. The immediate effects were relaxing without drowsiness or fatigue. I felt very bright-eyed, energized, but still so calm. When I offered some to my girlfriend, she also enjoyed it but mentioned that the flavor of the oil was a little strong and medicinal to her, but the effects were enjoyable. 

I would recommend this product to folks looking for a mild and pleasant experience for soothing stress or anxiety. Particularly anyone that is sensitive to strong artificial flavoring or anyone who prefers products with fewer ingredients.

Comparison to other CBD Tinctures

What sets the OC CBD Full Spectrum tincture apart from others lies in the makeup of the CBD oil and its targeted potency. Using MCT oil as a carrier makes it more bioavailable when digested. This offers the rich rewards of CBD and other trace beneficial compounds found in full spectrum extracts. 

Void of any additives or other active ingredients, this tincture gives you a great foundational experience with CBD. These simple ingredients make it so you can feel the subtle but sweet effects on their own. For anyone with sensitivity to sugars, wheat, soy, gelatin, or other ingredients found in CBD products, this tincture is a simple and effective alternative. 

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