600 mg Strawberry Gummies by CBD Asylum
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Product Review of 600 mg Strawberry Gummies by CBD Asylum 

I absolutely love bringing CBD edibles with me whenever I am hiking, biking, or exploring the coast. Though, during the hotter months this can be tricky depending on the make of CBD edible. Of course you are never supposed to leave your CBD in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, as this can oxidize the oil and degrade the cannabidiol and other subtle phytocompounds in the extract. 

Bright sun and hot temps are great for enjoying the outdoors, but may lead to melting chocolates and gummies. These 600 mg Strawberry Gummies by CBD Asylum are the perfect option for incredibly tasty and shelf stable CBD candies

I have been so excited to indulge in some nostalgic candy fun and CBD bliss with these sweet berry treats! 

Product overview

The CBD Strawbs by CBD Asylum come with 600 mg of CBD in 20 berry-shaped strawberry gummies, each averaging around 30 mg of CBD. Broad spectrum hemp oil is infused into these halal/gluten free gummies to enhance the beneficial effects of CBD via the synergistic properties of other minor cannabinoids. 

Through Express CBD, you can currently buy one pack of 600 mg Strawberry Gummies by CBD Asylum and get two free. Honestly, this deal is unbelievable for how delicious and effective these edibles are. 

600 mg Strawberry Gummies by CBD Asylum
600 mg Strawberry Gummies by CBD Asylum

My experience

When these gummies arrived the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. I was suffering from seasonal allergies that prompted a pretty gnarly chronic headache. I was seeking some non-drowsy relief to keep me active. Taking a single gummy did not relieve the headache but balanced my mood quite a bit. Later I tried two gummies and this seemed to do the trick, but ended up giving me a major boost in energy. 

My girlfriend noticed a similar effect when taking two gummy doses, and added that she felt an increase in appetite too. 

Overall, these are a mild and uplifting CBD product. Their texture, scent, and flavour are so yummy for a medicinal product, though they have a subtle bitter after taste due to the broad spectrum hemp oil. 

They ended up handling direct sun exposure in my backpack while out on the trail. Definitely my go-to option for on the go CBD – I’m obsessed! 

I highly recommend staying hydrated while eating these, as they may cause a slight cottonmouth. 

Pros and Cons

The best parts about this product

  • Amazing texture and chew
  • Incredible smell and flavour 
  • Mild and pleasant effects – not too drowsy 

Things to be aware of before taking

  • Two gummies are equal to 60 mg of CBD. It is recommended never to exceed 70 mg of CBD daily. 
  • These candies contain beef products and are therefore not vegan/vegetarian friendly, but are halal safe. 

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