How to Dose Sublingual CBD

When it comes to ingesting CBD, tinctures are the highest selling CBD product on the US market; with over 976 million in sales last year. Globally, edible CBD products are becoming the standard for new consumers, seeking out CBD for its calming and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

With so many products to choose from, having a keen understanding of dosing can go a long way. Each person’s body may respond to CBD differently depending on method of ingestion, metabolism, and how concentrated a dose may be. In this article, we will cover all the important tips and tricks to find your ideal dose when taking sublingual CBD. 

In this article, we will cover everything down to how many drops of CBD under the tongue it takes to feel the benefits of CBD.

How Dosing CBD Works

The tried and true method of CBD dosing is – start low, and go slow. This can look like a 5mg dose, that you can increase daily by 5-10mg until reaching the desired effects. If you were to take a higher dose (say, 50-150mg) to start, it is possible that this could be counter-productive and not nearly as beneficial for your health as a lower dose. 

This is because CBD has properties of a biphasic drug, meaning there is a bell curve of effectiveness. Both extremely low and extremely high doses are equally ineffective for most people. There is often a sweet spot in the middle for most consumers – somewhere between 10-500mg. 

When considering your dose potency, another factor to keep in mind is your desired effects. Lower to mid-range doses have been shown to be more helpful for soothing stress and mental clarity. While higher doses are more beneficial for physical distress like joint pain. 

How much CBD tincture is there in a dropper?

Once you have set your goals for CBD use, and have a basic understanding of how you want to approach the potency of your dose, next is to match those goals with the available products on the market. There are many different edible CBD products that are made in single serving sizes for ease of use. However, for a more technical CBD lover, using a tincture could be the perfect way to dose with precision. 

CBD Tinctures come with a dropper tool perfect for measuring and dosing the oil orally. Many products will be formulated so that one full dropper is equivalent to a single dose. You can tailor make a dose by choosing to use less or more as you dispense it. 

It is common to find tinctures that contain about 100-1000mg of CBD per bottle, meaning that the average dropper would contain about 1mL of fluid when extracted from the bottle. This comes out to roughly 20 drops per dose, each infused with 0.05mL of CBD. A few drops will not provide substantial medicinal effects, however 2.5mL or two and a half droppers full could produce slight calming effects. 

How many drops of CBD oil under tongue?

Depending on the formulation of the CBD oil you are using, it is likely that you will want to take an entire dropper’s worth to start, or 20 drops total. Always check the label for additional directions around dosing, as some products may require shaking before use. 

One of the most effective ways to dose a CBD tincture is to release the solution from the dropper under your tongue. Holding it under your tongue for 20-30 seconds allows for your body to absorb the CBD faster than swallowing it right away. 

This method allows the medicine to absorb directly into your bloodstream as there are numerous vessels under the tongue. This rapid absorption helps the CBD take effect faster, while also maintaining potency that could be impacted by digestion if the tincture was swallowed immediately.

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