CBD Cooking Oil

How to Make CBD Oil for Cooking

We’ve gathered all the tips and tricks to help you learn how to make CBD oil for cooking.

Level Up Self Care with Homemade CBD oil

When it comes to daily use of CBD edibles, it can become incredibly expensive. With all of the fees, taxes, overhead compliance costs, a week’s worth of CBD edibles can rack up a steep cost. Especially for individuals who need a higher dose than 10 mg, it is expensive and there are limitations on the types of edibles available. 

For anyone looking to save some money, or to kick the sweet gummies and candies, you can easily turn your daily meals and snacks into CBD infused edibles. 

CBD is compatible with oil

Since CBD extract and isolate are considered non-aqueous solutions, they are relatively easy to dissolve into all oil based products. To begin you will need: 

  • CBD oil or isolate
  • A kitchen scale / balance
  • Mixing bowl
  • Silicone spatula 
  • Funnel
  • Bottle or jar for storage
  • Double boiler (optional)

Infusing cooking oil with CBD

You will want to begin by weighing out the CBD you will be mixing into the cooking oil. This amount is dependent on the size of the batch and concentration of CBD per Tbl of oil. Measuring it out in easy ratios will make dosing later easier. It is recommended to go higher in increments to use less overall oil. 

For example, if you wanted each Tbl to have 20 mg of CBD infused, you would need to add 676 mg of CBD to a 0.5L container. You can always add more uninfused cooking oil if a recipe calls for it, but having this higher concentration makes it easier to use less oil per recipe. 

Is CBD cooking oil shelf stable?

CBD is just as shelf stable as most of your standard cooking oils. It will need to be kept in a dry, cool space out of direct sunlight to protect the integrity of the CBD molecules. 

How to handle CBD in the kitchen

Once you have prepared your mother stock of CBD cooking oil, you can easily add it to any of your favorite dishes or even take it orally like an oil-based tincture. 

When cooking with CBD, it is also important to know how to properly handle CBD, particularly how you heat it up. CBD begins to break down when exposed to heats of 320 Degrees F (160 Degrees C). This degradation turns CBD into other broken down cannabinoids and may even make it less effective overall. Here are a few ways you can avoid heat damage to your CBD cooking oil: 

  • Add CBD oil at the end of cooking to minimize the amount of time CBD is exposed to direct heat. 
  • Use more CBD when mixing into a baked good anticipating that it may lose some CBD during baking times (if at a high heat). 
  • Infused CBD into the sauce or dressing for your meal, rather than in a component of the dish that requires cooking at high heats.

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