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How to Properly Dab CBD: Aztec CBD Offers Top Shelf CBD Concentrates

It is no surprise that the European CBD market is maturing into a diverse and promising industry, with over 3 billion euros in sales last year. This steady increase has led to the development of high quality and unique CBD products, encouraging advancements in technology, manufacturing, and product development. Brands like Aztec CBD have begun releasing connaisseur level products for dabbing.

A popular method of consuming cannabis, known as dabbing, has now become a popular method of ingesting CBD. European hash makers have been dabbling in extraction technologies to provide CBD lovers with a inhalable option with complex natural flavors. 

Aztec CBD has developed premium quality CBD concentrates

Aztec CBD is a UK based hemp retailer that has been in the business of developing CBD products since 2016. Their product catalog is primarily tinctures, vapes, and gummy edible products. All of their products are infused with full spectrum CBD sourced from EU farms. 

They take quality seriously, providing COAs for all of their products on their website. This ensures that all products are safe and accurately dosed. Aztec also exclusively works with cultivation partners that practice chemical-safe grow practices. 

In alignment with their quality standards, Aztec CBD offers a line of strain specific CBD wax. These concentrates can be enjoyed in vape or dabbing applications. Strain specific favorites like Super Lemon Haze and Zkittlez are available in potent extract form, reminiscent of cannabis flower.

If you’ve never dabbed before, it can seem like a large investment of time and equipment. However, dabbing has become relatively safe and accessible over the last five years. Now there are options that are even EAA (ADA) friendly for medical cannabis patients. 

The download on dabbing

When it comes to dabbing, the process is relatively simple, but it’s important to know basic safety parameters to guarantee a flavorful and smooth experience. It all starts with selecting the right tools and equipment for your needs; some options are more elaborate or discrete than others, so we’ve laid out everything you need to know so you can safely dab and enjoy the benefits of CBD. 

Are there benefits to dabbing CBD?

Similar to other methods of ingesting, dabbing and vaporizing CBD comes with many of the same benefits, with a few distinct differences in effect. 

Consumers have noted they experience the familiar pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, and calming effects when dabbing or vaping CBD, however the onset of relief is faster. This is because of the speed the cannabinoid reaches your blood brain barrier from inhalation. On average people begin to feel the effects of inhaling CBD within 1-2 minutes. 

Not only is this significantly faster than an edible product, but dabbing is also more potent (50-250mg), making for a fast-acting and maximum strength CBD. Depending on your goals for use, dabbing can be a great option for anyone looking for a stronger dose of CBD at a more affordable price point than edibles or tinctures. It is also ideal for anyone needing immediate relief, particularly with spasms, and other symptoms of chronic illness. 

How to dab CBD products

There are two important things to keep in mind when dabbing CBD: temperature and the size of your dab. A hot dab can turn a delicious extract into an injury or fire hazard, as the terpenes and volatile plant compounds can pop and combust if heated above 382C (720F). Both low and mid range temperature dabs are a safe route to go. These range around 232C (450F) to 287C (550F). 

A low temperature dab may be favorable because it’s the most flavorful – you aren’t burning off all the plant esters and aromatics, so you end up getting a full flavor smoke. Whereas a medium temperature dab will offer a little more cannabinoid potency because it will increase bioavailability of the vapor. 

Hot dabs above 398C (750F) may put you at risk for health issues, such as burning your throat and lung tissue, causing harsh coughing and inflammation. 

What kind of tools are needed to dab CBD?

The answer is ultimately dependent on your personal needs. There are a variety of options that have perks like automation, mobile, powerless, or even temperature probes and control panels. 

Ideally you want to find something that is practical for your lifestyle. If you consume most of your CBD from home, you may only need a modest setup with a torch. For someone who is constantly on the go, vape pens are a great alternative with a small footprint. 

Below are the most popular tools on the market for dabbing CBD: 

Rigs and torches

The most classic form of dabbing is done using a glass pipe called a rig. These come with small steel, quartz, or ceramic nails that can be heated by torch. The hot nail is used to melt and vaporize the CBD wax into a thick vapor smoke for consumption. 

This method is much safer to do at home, as it requires an open flame. It may be a hard method for anyone that has limitations in mobility. Often times this may require assistance from a trusted caretaker. Optionally, using an IR heat probe to test the temperature of your nail. This will help you in avoiding dabbing at high temperatures.

Automated dab rigs and e-nails

Alternatively to the rig and torch setup, e-nails and automated rigs are a more elegant and user friendly option for dabbing. These products are temperature controlled, making it easy to dose and requiring no open flames. 

Some products like the Puffco Peak come with glass mouth pieces designed with accessibility in mind. These rigs can be used in applications when you have difficulty with muscle control of the lips or face. 

Dab pens and vaporizers 

Vaping has become one of the most popular ways people consume vaporized CBD. There are both disposable cartridge options as well as reusable pens. Some reusable models come with a quartz insert making it possible to heat up thick resinous CBD extracts. These pens can be used similar to a classic dab rig for a heavier hit than your standard e-pen. 

This method is desirable for anyone that may prefer a fast and discrete alternative to dabbing that they can take anywhere. 

Check out more Aztec CBD products

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