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Unwind in the DIY Blissful Atmosphere of Homemade CBD Candles

There’s nothing quite like the soft glow of candlelight paired with the uber soothing effects of CBD and aromatherapy. Now there’s an opportunity for you to combine these three things for unmatched relaxation at home. 

Create some amazing gifts using supplies you already have at home to show your loved ones how much you care this holiday season with CBD candles! 

How to make CBD candles

Below we will cover all the essentials for making CBD candles from the comfort of your home kitchen. Most of these materials can be found or repurposed from recycled goods laying around the house. 

Designing your candle is a fun process, where you can infuse your wax with both CBD and beneficial botanical oils like lavender or eucalyptus. Many essential oils used in aromatherapy can often have synergistic effects when consumed alongside CBD

What you’ll need

  • Wax Flakes – This can be any candle safe wax, oftentimes soy is preferred as it releases little to no soot or toxins into the air. 
  • CBD isolate or extract
  • Wicks – This can be a wooden or string material. Keeping on brand with CBD, natural hemp-based wicks work amazingly and are very easy to find online or in your local craft store. 
  • Essential oils – this is how you get the amazing aromas from your candle, and also how you can cater to specific uses for your candles. For a good balanced and fragrant candle, it is recommended to use around 100 drops, or 5mL of essential oils. 
  • Mason jars/containers – You can get creative with your containers, whether you prefer a mason jar, a recycled jam jar, or perhaps a teacup, there are countless options for what you will pour your candles into. 
  • Chopstick or pencil – this is used to anchor your wick in place while the candle sets. 
  • Disposable or silicone stirring device 
  • Small kitchen scale (reads 0.00mg decimal)
  • Wick anchors (optional)

CBD candle making step by step

1. Melt your base wax

Melt your wax blend in a double boiler pot over a low-medium heat. This should only take a few minutes before the wax has fully melted. Use a wooden stirring device or non-stick spatula to ensure all the flakes are blended.

2. Infuse with essential oils and CBD

Once your wax blend is fully melted, you may stir in about 4-5mL of essential oils into the wax. At this time you can also melt any CBD extract or isolate, mixing well to ensure full emulsification. 

When dosing CBD in candles there isn’t a set range, as this is still an untested method of use. 

3. Anchor your wicks and pour wax

Fix your wicks to the bottom of the candle container using a bit of wax or special wick anchors. Tape wick upright, to a chopstick or pencil that can rest horizontally on the rim of the container. Pour wax slowly until filled to desired amount. Let the candle rest for about 1 hour and cut excess wick when hardened. 

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