cbc isolate by cbc+
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1 Gram 100% Pure CBC Isolate by CBC+ Review

CBD is far from the only beneficial cannabinoid. In many cases, you may find a more fitting array of benefits from a different cannabis compound. However, access to minor cannabinoids is tricky. CBC, in particular, can be tough to find; however, we got our hands on a gram of pure CBC Isolate from CBC+ and tried it out using various infusion methods.

We’ll cover everything from the color and consistency of the isolate extract to its flavour and effects. In addition, you’ll get a quick crash course into how to easily utilize pure cannabinoid extracts.

What is CBC Isolate?

CBC, or Cannabichromene, is one of the many cannabis compounds found in hemp. Experts associate the cannabinoid with fighting acne, reducing depression symptoms, limiting pain, and boosting cognitive function.

Isolate is a type of cannabis extract. There are three primary categories: full spectrum, broad spectrum, and isolate. CBC isolate is when all plant matter and compounds are removed from an extract, leaving only a single cannabinoid.

1 Gram CBC Isolate from CBC+

Our gram of CBC comes in amber oil form contained in a 1ml syringe. We tried it in edible, topical, and sublingual forms. Here’s our full product review.

cbc isolate by cbc+
cbc isolate by cbc+


Opening the sleek CBC+ packaging reveals a stunning, bright, tawny oil nestled conveniently in a short administration syringe.


The extract has a smooth consistency, making the oil easy to work with. You don’t want a sticky goo from your syringe, especially if you are infusing it into food. There’s no mess, and the two-piece applicator makes working with the extract easy.


We don’t recommend eating the oil on its own; pure cannabinoid extract is intense and will leave you with a strong odor lasting up to an hour later.


Researchers claim CBC may be more effective in relieving pain, swelling, and anxiety than CBD. In addition, CBC is believed to have antiviral and anti-tumor properties.

After trying the CBC isolate in sublingual oil, I experienced a slight body buzz that heightened my sense of calm. Receiving the product came at a perfect time, as I’ve been nursing a minor ankle sprain for the past two weeks. I used the CBC in oil and with a topical and started feeling results immediately.

How to Use CBC Isolate?

Purchasing a syringe with pure CBC extract can be intimidating to novice cannabinoid hemp users. However, pure cannabinoids allow you to curate your own administration methods; you just have to get a little creative and understand what CBC likes to mix with.


In each method we explore, you must add the cannabinoid to the type of fat for the substances to merge. Butter is a great avenue to absorb the extract and can be applied to almost anything. Spread it on toast, cook it into baked goods, or mix it into pasta sauce (a few examples).

With 1000 mgs of CBC, you can make 2-4 sticks of infused butter depending on how potent you want your edibles.


I added the CBC isolate to two topical products lying around the house: my night-time moisturizer and a pain reliever called Tiger Balm. My lotion was nearly out, so I added about 1/10 (100mg) to the last of the bottle. With the pain reliever, I just put a few drops into the steel container, mixed it with my fingers, and applied it to my ankle.

Sublingual Oil

If you’d instead take the CBC sublingually, which is the most effective of the three methods, add to a carrier. MCT, hemp, grapeseed, and even olive oil will work.

Where to Buy Pure CBC Isolate

You can try CBC Isolate in 1-gram syringes from CBC+ at Express CBD. Buy in bulk, and you can save up to 20%!

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